Monarch Butterfly Garden


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Monarch Butterfly Garden

A Butterfly Garden is a Fun, Educational and Easy

The Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) migrates from Mexico to almost every State in the United States of America.  As insects go, the Monarch Butterfly is a very popular.  In fact, the Monarch Butterfly is the official insect or butterfly of six different States in the United States.

How We Got Started

We started our butterfly garden as one of those things you're supposed to do with your kids.  My wife and I grew up in the country and we had living things growing all around us all the time.  But, now we live in the suburbs just outside of Houston, Texas and we didn't just want our kids to read about butterflies.  We wanted them to experience them firsthand for themselves.  Our kids have really enjoyed our Monarch Butterfly garden and my wife and I have really gotten a kick out of it too. 

And so can you!

#1 Secret for Attracting the Monarch Butterfly to Your Yard

You only need to know one thing in order to lure the monarch butterfly into your yard or garden year after year.  Milkweed!  That's it!  You need one plant.  You can find different varieties of milkweed  in nurseries everywhere.  They call milkweed by many different names such as butterfly weed, butterfly milkweed, Mexican butterfly weed, Mexican milkweed, etc.

Why do the Monarch Butterflies Come to the Milkweed?

They come because they don't have a choice.  Milkweed is the only thing Monarch Butterfly caterpillars eat.  So, milkweed is the only plant that the female Monarch Butterfly will lay her eggs on.  If you want to guarantee that Monarch butterflies to come to your yard or garden, you have got to plant some variety of milkweed.  We planted the Mexican Milkweed (also known as Mexican Butterfly Weed) which as the name suggests grows well in Mexico where the Monarch Butterflies migrate in the winter.  Mexican milkweed also grows very well along the Gulf Coast.


When doing a search, people often misspell Monarch Butterfly as moarch, moanrch, monach buterfly, monach butterfly and monarch buterfly.