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  • Easy Butterfly Gardening
    Three basic tips for easy butterfly gardening - plants, water and the right attitude.

  • HOME
    Easy instructions to create a Monarch butterfly garden in your yard. Attract lots of monarch butterflies quickly and easily with just one plant.

  • How to Create a Butterfly Garden
    Article by Kathy anderson about creating a butterfly garden in your backyard. Helpful butterfly garden tips.

  • Invite Butterflies to Your Garden
    Tips about butterfly gardening. Basic information for the beginner about inviting butterflies to your butterfly garden..

  • Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly
    All about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. The fascinating lifecyle of the monarch butterfly from egg to adult butterfly.

  • Milkweed
    To attract Monarch Butterfly to your back yard, Milkweed is the one plant you must have. If you plant it, they will come. Milkweed Plants = Monarch Butterflies.

  • Monarch Butterfly - Texas State Insect
    In 1995, the Texas Legislature designated the Monarch Butterfly as the official State Insect of Texas. Read the statute here. House Concurrent Resolution 94, 74th Legislature, Regular Session (1995)

  • Monarch Butterfly Picture Page
    Monarch Butterfly picture page. Photographs of monarch butterfly and other varieties of butterflies. Includes photgraphs of mating adult Monarch butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalis and eggs.

  • Monarch Butterfly Statutes

  • Monarch State Butterfly
    The Monarch Butterfly is the State butterfly or insect of six States in the United States. Can you name which ones?

  • News
    The latest news about Monarch Butterflies. Monarch Butterfly news from around the United States and Canada about migration, changing environment, latest scientifc research, gardening, food plants, etc.

  • Other Butterfly Plants
    A list of different butterfly plants that you can plant in your butterfly garden to attract monarch butterflies and other types of butterflies.

  • Raising Butterflies
    Tips on raising butterflies in your house. Information and instrucitons about habitats, care and feeding of butterflies at home.

  • State Butterfly
    What is the State Butterfly of your State? Find out on the Monarch Butterfly Garden Site. Information for all 50 States.

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