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Monarch Butterfly Picture Page

   On this page, I will include pictures and photographs of Monarch Butterflies, Caterpillars and Chrysalis.

Monarch Butterfly in the House

This adult Monarch Butterfly emerged from its chrysalis inside a jar in our kitchen the night before.  We had raised this Monarch and two others in mid November.  When they emerged, it was about 40 degrees F. outside so we did not release them immediately.  Unable to fly at these temperatures, they would have been easy prey for a number of predators.  We had taken the three caterpillers from Mexican Butterfly Weed in our garden and our kids fed them with the leaves of Mexican Butterfly Weed, a milkweed, until they each made their chrysalis.  This Monarch Butterfly is on a Mexican Butterfly Weed that we had in pots and is right at home.  The live plants provided nectar for the Monarchs. Our children really enjoyed raising these butterflies and the extra bonus of getting to eat a couple of meals at the dinner table with them before we released them.