Monarch Butterfly Garden


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  • HOME
    Easy instructions to create a Monarch butterfly garden in your yard. Attract lots of monarch butterflies quickly and easily with just one plant.

    • Milkweed
      To attract Monarch Butterfly to your back yard, Milkweed is the one plant you must have. If you plant it, they will come. Milkweed Plants = Monarch Butterflies.

    • Monarch Butterfly Picture Page
      Monarch Butterfly picture page. Photographs of monarch butterfly and other varieties of butterflies. Includes photgraphs of mating adult Monarch butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalis and eggs.

    • Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly
      All about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. The fascinating lifecyle of the monarch butterfly from egg to adult butterfly.

    • Other Butterfly Plants
      A list of different butterfly plants that you can plant in your butterfly garden to attract monarch butterflies and other types of butterflies.

    • Monarch State Butterfly
      The Monarch Butterfly is the State butterfly or insect of six States in the United States. Can you name which ones?

    • State Butterfly
      What is the State Butterfly of your State? Find out on the Monarch Butterfly Garden Site. Information for all 50 States.

    • News
      The latest news about Monarch Butterflies. Monarch Butterfly news from around the United States and Canada about migration, changing environment, latest scientifc research, gardening, food plants, etc.

  • Easy Butterfly Gardening
    Three basic tips for easy butterfly gardening - plants, water and the right attitude.

  • Invite Butterflies to Your Garden
    Tips about butterfly gardening. Basic information for the beginner about inviting butterflies to your butterfly garden..

  • Raising Butterflies
    Tips on raising butterflies in your house. Information and instrucitons about habitats, care and feeding of butterflies at home.

  • How to Create a Butterfly Garden
    Article by Kathy anderson about creating a butterfly garden in your backyard. Helpful butterfly garden tips.

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